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This is a placeholder for my up-coming Star Wars game using the Fate Core system.

This is an alternate universe campaign that is a result of a slightly different ending to the original trilogy. Nothing from the prequels is considered “canon” for this world save that there was a Clone War and Anakin Skywalker was turned to the Dark Side and adopted the mantle of Darth Vader…essentially everything that you know from watching the original trilogy.

I will also be bringing in some Expanded Universe stuff, but modifying it for my needs.

The campaign will take place 5-10 years after the Battle of Endor. However, Lando didn’t make it out (as originally intended) nor did Luke and Vader. The sudden an violent death of her brother and father sent ripples through the Force, mentally incapacitating Leia. To this day she remains comatose and no one understands why. In grief Han has disappeared into the vastness of the galaxy with the ever faithful Chewbacca in tow.

The Empire, though defeated in the Battle of Endor, still exists but is fragmented into several factions each vying for control. The New Republic also exists but is young and the alliances are still fragile due to a general distrust of large governing bodies, thanks to memory of what things were like under the Empire.

With the deaths of Yoda, Palpatine, Vader, and Luke Skywalker the Force has truly been brought into balance as there are no longer any sentients formally trained the ways of the force. Yes, there are non-Jedi traditions still taught throughout the galaxy but those are on the local scale and have little to no impact on things in the galactic scale.

A few days ago a Republic listening post our the edges of the Outer Rim went silent and no one knows why. With galactic tensions high and dwindling resources stretched thin the Republic can only afford to dispatch a small band of operatives to investigate. These are our heroes…

Home Page

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